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NLN is a national initiative that connects K-12 teachers with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals to bring hands-on learning experiences to students in all 50 states. See more


When a teacher posts a project request on NLN, our e-matching platform connects them with STEM professionals who are interested in the project. See active projects.



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  • newsom
    San Francisco and California as a whole have been at the fore of innovation for generations. Part...

    Gavin Newsom
    Mayor of San Francisco

  • strickland
    “Our commitment to STEM education is one of the most important investments we can make, not...

    Ted Strickland
    Governor of Ohio

  • leroy
    As an astronaut and engineer, I am very excited about National Lab Day! Inspiring the next genera...

    Leroy Chiao, Ph.D.

  • Reiss
    I am honored to join with National Lab Day to highlight the important work and the fantastic volu...

    Bonnie Reiss
    California Secretary of Education

  • gudonis
    “FIRST supports National Lab Day as a way to get the word out that our nation needs more yo...

    Paul Gudonis
    President, FIRST

  • rendell
    “Kids learn by doing. We all remember the first time we added baking soda to a beaker of vi...

    Edward G. Rendell
    Pennsylvania Governor

  • Ride
    “National Lab Day is exactly the type of initiative our country needs. I run a program, cal...

    Dr. Sally Ride

  • katehi
    The future innovation and competitiveness of our state and nation are critically dependent upon i...

    Linda P.B. Katehi
    Chancellor, UC Davis

  • Biggeneau
    I am pleased to express UC Berkeley’s support for National Lab Day. Exposing children to di...

    Robert J. Birgeneau
    Chancellor, UC Berkeley

  • balmer
    We all have a vested interest in advancing our country’s proficiency in the disciplines of ...

    Steve Ballmer
    CEO of Microsoft

  • governator
    “I completely support National Lab Day and STEM Education. This is a terrific movement that...

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • yudof
    “The future is in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We have a long ways to ...

    Mark G. Yudof
    President, University of California

  • reed
    “Here in Silicon Valley, we have an opportunity and responsibility to shape the next genera...

    Chuck Reed
    San Jose Mayor

  • Blumenthal
    National Lab Day is an opportunity for us to impress upon our students the importance of STEM edu...

    George Blumenthal
    Chancellor, UC Santa Cruz

  • northrup
    I enthusiastically support National Lab Day as an important way to underscore the importance of s...

    Christiane Northrup, M.D
    OB/GYN physician, and visionary pioneer in women's health

  • Snyderman
    “This may be one of the most important times in history to invest in our students and their...

    Nancy L. Snyderman, MD
    NBC News Chief Medical Editor

  • fox
    By educating and inspiring tomorrows leaders in science, technology, engineering and math, we rea...

    Marye Anne Fox
    Chancellor, UC San Diego

  • bartz
    Science and technology have long been cornerstones of America’s economy and spirit of innov...

    Carol A. Bartz
    President and CEO - Yahoo!

  • johnson
    National Lab Day is an on-going opportunity for scientists and community members to inspire our s...

    Mayor Kevin Johnson

  • Granholm
    National Lab Day is paving the way for our county’s future leaders. This significant initi...

    Jennifer M. Granholm
    Governor of Michigan

  • white
    Exposure to the wonders of science, engineering, and mathematics opens up whole new vistas for ou...

    Timothy P. White
    Chancellor, UC Riverside

  • ritter
    I have consistently advocated for Colorado to offer science, technology, engineering and math (ST...

    Bill Ritter
    Governor of Colorado

  • hill
    Now more than ever we need to support STEM education,” said Assemblymember Jerry Hill. “As globa...

    California Assembly member Jerry Hill, Chair, Assembly Select Committee on Biotechnology
    19th District

  • bolden
    National Lab Day has the potential to build communities of support that increase access for bette...

    Charles Bolden
    NASA Administrator

  • Quinn
    “Supporting our next generation of leaders and innovators will strengthen the national econ...

    Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn

  • cooper
    An innovative program like National Lab Day that encourages STEM education in youth is crucial fo...

    Patricia Cooper
    Executive Director, California Biotechnology Foundation

  • grant
    When young people have the chance to put math and science theory into practice, you can literally...

    Jodi Grant
    Executive Director, Afterschool Alliance

  • lee
    “Technological innovation has been key to our country’s success. To maintain our abi...

    Aileen Lee
    Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

  • perdue
    Science, technology, engineering and math education are critical to our goal to prepare every stu...

    Beverley Eaves Perdue
    Governor of North Carolina

  • O'malley
    “As we prepare to meet the greatest challenges we face in this increasingly connected and i...

    Martin O'Malley
    Governor of Maryland

  • CReed
    “What a great idea to have a National Lab Day, where we can get our students involved with ...

    Charles B. Reed
    Chancellor, The California State University

  • howard
    Wisdom is the practical application of knowledge, and insight is the ability to look into a situa...

    Terrance Howard

  • ramsey
    “Tomorrow’s innovators are today’s young people,” said Rey Ramsey, Presid...

    Rey Ramsey
    CEO, Tech Net

  • hunt
    “Students really need to ‘do science.’ I enthusiastically endorse National Lab...

    James B. Hunt
    Former Governor of North Carolina

  • holdren
    We wouldn’t teach football from a textbook. It is even more important that America’s ...

    John P. Holdren
    Science adviser to President Obama

  • Schiavelli
    As the only science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-focused comprehensive univers...

    Dr. Mel Schiavelli
    President, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

  • castellani
    President Obama’s announcement underscores the importance of science and math education in ...

    John J. Castellani
    President of the Business Roundtable

  • torlakson
    As a former Math and Science teacher, I am excited about National Lab Day. This encourages our st...

    Tom Torlakson
    California State Assembly
    11th District

  • Peter Davis
    We must continue to strengthen our commitment to education in the fields of science, technology, ...

    Peter C. Davis
    McGraw-Hill Education

  • riley
    “Practical, hands-on experiences in the science and technology fields help prepare students...

    Richard Riley
    Secretary of Education under President Clinton

  • eastin
    “America has such a proud history of exploration, discovery and research that has changed t...

    Delaine Eastin
    Former California Superintendent of Public Instruction

  • spelling
    “Inspiring our future scientists and engineers will help encourage them to study science an...

    Margaret Spellings
    Secretary of Education under President George W. Bush

  • drake
    “STEM education is extremely important for preparing people and training people to get the ...

    Michael V. Drake
    Chancellor, UC Irvine

  • Hellmann
    “Biomedical science is on the cusp of tremendous advances that have emerged from the genomi...

    Susan Desmond-Hellmann, MD, MPH
    Chancellor of the University of California, San Francisco

  • Holness
    As our nation looks to implement goals related to energy use and climate change we will need to a...

    Gordon V.R. Holness
    American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

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